Hello and Happy New Year! Yes, I know that it’s February and it is now socially unacceptable to be wishing people a HNY but this is my first blog post of 2019, so I am making it acceptable on this occasion. So anyway to the point, this will be a short one. So recently I have realised just how much of a negative outlook I have on situations and just on life in general. Those of you who know me personally are probably chuckling in disbelief at the fact that I have only just realised this huge personality trait of mine. Many people around me often find this trait comical as it is so ridiculous but at times draining, especially for my friends who are optimists. I am so sorry, thank you for putting up with me, ha! I REALLY can’t help it! I am what you call a true pessimist, I ALWAYS assume the worst. I would say that 90% of the time I don’t even realise that I am being so negative and sometimes, down-right delusional with my doom and gloom predictions for situations that have a very slim chance of happening. This is a flaw in which I have unfortunately inherited from my father; in contrast to my mother who will consistently believe that her glass is half full rather than half empty…Penelope, your glass is half empty and you cannot tell me any different! Lance agrees.

Now of course I haven’t been completely oblivious to my pessimistic ways, that would be quite a hard thing to miss even for me! I have always known that I am a pessimist but I would always argue that pessimism was just realism. It is not. According to Lindsey Lazarte, “Attitude and perspective is everything. If you’re a pessimist, then you have negative thoughts that won’t go away no matter what the odds are. If you’re a realist, you are just coming to terms and accepting a situation rather than feeling like it was yours or someone else’s fault.” [https://www.bolde.com/fine-line-between-realism-pessimism/]. My head is just filled with negativity which takes forever to subside; it is almost impossible for me to think rationally. I just think, woe is me and I place a lot of blame upon myself. Now I know that I am contradicting the quote above, If you’re a realist, you are just coming to terms and accepting a situation – I currently sound like a realist because I am accepting my flaws right? Wrong. In this very post I am being as fake as Kim Kardashian’s arse. I am actively trying to be rid of my pessimistic ways; I am faking it until I make it. My palms are sweating and my eye is twitching.

So, I have pretty much abandoned all of my resolutions for 2019, however, I do want to at least attempt to become more positive in my way of thinking. I have no idea how to conquer my quest (might have to go to a hypnotist at this rate) but I am going to have a good go at being more optimistic. I guess I should start off with baby steps such as, I WILL make it to the bus stop on time, even though I am at the other end of a very long street and I can see the bus in the distance, speeding towards the stop whilst I attempt to cross a very busy road at rush-hour whilst trying not to get killed. I WILL do better than initially expected on that assignment where I was under the word count. I WILL one day go a whole month without a drop of alcohol. Not to backtrack or anything but, I think I might be pushing it now.

Does anyone else have this ghastly pessimistic personality also? If so please drop a comment below, it would make me feeling much better about myself.

All the best,

Liv xoxo



It’s been a while…2018…2019 and healthy relationships

It’s been a while…2018…2019 and healthy relationships

Hello, I hope you are all well! November is now at a close and this is my first and only post for this month! I have been neglecting my writing recently. I haven’t had much motivation to write anything interesting or useful to others. This post itself isn’t going to be anything special as I have done ZERO planning; I just feel like writing. It is currently 01:45 am and my brain is extremely active as I am drowning in deadlines and just my thoughts are just going round and round in my head. It’s exhausting. I can’t shut it up. So, I thought why not briefly write about this year and what I want to get out of 2019!

This year has been full of up and downs. The past few months for me have been the best months of this year for me. My anxiety has mostly been bearable. Thus, I have been able to think/act more rationally and be kinder to myself. Looking back at how I was a year ago to even just 6 months ago shocks me. I cannot believe that I tortured myself using my own mind and by allowing people to treat me badly. Fast forward to now, my mind is a lot clearer than it was and I now have the emotional ability to be civil with those that have tried to worm their way back into my life but that’s as far as it goes…civil…as in:

“Hey, you good?”

*8 hours later*

“Yes, things are going well. Hope everything is going well with you too!”

“Yeah, things are good. Blah blah blah”

“Glad to hear it. All the best, seeya.”

And sometimes the conversation goes like this:

*incomprehensible drunk text message*


Aaand I go about my day not bothering to entertain them. I still have my bad days and yes I still wallow in the past but I now know that life is so much better and easier once you put in what you get out of people. Do not allow yourself to be the one who is always making the effort. Do not allow someone to call all of the shots. They will lose respect for you and quite frankly you will have no respect for yourself. Once you surround yourself with people who treat you the way you should be treated and you look back at your past friendships and relationships, it shocks you. In fact, it actually shits me up. People scare me. They can switch and turn on you in a nanosecond. So it is important that you try your best to have your eyes wide open and NEVER EVER lose composure (Well, never in front of them anyway!) if it all goes tits up. You will only feel like a twat in the long run. It really isn’t worth the stress.

I hope that in 2019 I will be able to maintain my current healthy relationships and state of mind. I also hope that I can stay out of my overdraft but let’s be honest, that’s not happening! Usually at the end of every year, I am constantly thinking of everything that I want to achieve and change but this year the list is relatively short. I will expand more on this around New Year time as I feel that a New Year’s Resolution post will be more fitting once we are actually in December! I just want to be able to keep my head and adopt healthy habits. That is pretty much all I ask of 2019. I also hope that in 2019, Cowboy boots do not become a thing again. It didn’t work when they were back in 2009 (yes, I had a pair as Hannah Montana was undoubtedly my aesthetic at the time but thankfully only wore them twice as they really hurt my feet) and it will not work in 2019!


*Insert “It’s been 84 years” Titanic gif here*

Hello, hope everyone is well! I haven’t posted in almost two weeks due to laziness and because I am now back at University. I have moved out of halls and into a house for my second year…with all girls…yeah tensions are rising already. So it is safe to say that I have been fairly busy. Also I’ve gone all extra and had a logo AND a header made by the lovely @sccldesigns on Twitter/Instagram. Highly recommend her and she’s so easy to work with! Anyway, let’s jump right in, shall we?!

I have been thinking about forgiveness A LOT recently and whether or not it is okay to change your mind once you have forgiven somebody. Recently, I have spent some time being very angry with myself for being too forgiving in certain situations. If you were to speak to my closest friends, they would all tell you that I am too forgiving. Unfortunately it’s true; I am that person who will forgive over and over to the point of where I pretty much lose all self-respect. I struggle to cut people off because being cut off myself is one of my biggest fears. I struggle to understand how people can just easily cut people out completely. I believe that forgiveness is a strength but it is something that can be taken advantage of if you are too generous. I am going to be sharing one of my major experiences with forgiveness and taking back forgiveness.

I am not going to identify this person as I will get a strongly worded text message and a whole heap of shit flung at me (think of the scene in ‘Trainspotting’ with the bed sheet – google it if you don’t get this reference lol sorry in advance) if they ever find this blog. Let’s call this person, A. Just to clarify, I do not hate, A. In fact, I still care for, A deeply and perhaps always will but at the same time, I dislike the person that they became. A, is not a bad person; deep down they have a lot of good within them. They just have a lot of growth and maturing to do. A, hurt me a lot; made up lies about me and I saw some texts which were about myself that had been sent to one of my “friends”. I confronted, A and they apologised…I, of course forgave them despite being DEVASTATED. I continued to stay in touch with, A and all they did was let me down repeatedly. I was so scared of not having, A in my life that I felt that I had to keep forgiving them just because I remembered the good times. No matter how many times they screwed me over or how the whole situation made me such a wreck, I continued to keep them in my life. The idea of having no contact was just foreign to me. I could feel myself losing all of the progress I had made with handling my emotions and mental health. I allowed them to keep playing with my emotions. “Big mistake. Big. HUGE” (best scene in a film EVER! I am such a loser).

Fast forward to three months later, I now have zero contact with, A. They did not deserve all of the chances I gave them. Although, I know that they did not deserve the chances, I still forgive them for the things they said and did but I do not forgive the fact that they took advantage of me afterwards. I take back all forgiveness I gave after the first offence. That’s all the information I can give for now regarding that situation. It may be an entire blog post of it’s own as the whole thing was rather fucked up. I know that some of this may sound contradictory but our perceptions change once we have time to, take a step back, heal and mentally revisit situations with a clear head; you see the signs and motives that you didn’t see at the time. All I can say is that, it really isn’t worth keeping people in your life if they treat you like shit and have zero respect for you. As cheesy as this sounds, life really is too short to be miserable just because you’re keeping people who have many shitty qualities in your life.

It is okay to take back forgiveness. We often forgive when we haven’t had time to digest the situation and think things through. Depending on the magnitude of the issue, time is needed to decide on how you really feel and how to approach the issue. Forgiveness isn’t to be rushed; take your time. If you rush forgiveness, you may find yourself in a cycle of confusion and allowing yourself to be walked all over. “Forgive and forget”, isn’t always best. It can be best to just forgive and then walk away for good without looking back.

Comment below with your experiences and thoughts! Is it okay to take back forgiveness? Or once you’ve forgiven somebody there’s no turning back?

Liv xoxo